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THE CONCEPTA clutch-bag 100% you!

ELEMENT is the line that will allow you to accessorise your style perfectly, and as you like. 
Discover a great choice of colours to personalise your style, following your every whim.

A necessary accessory, the clutch-bag, with its vachette Saffiano leather, soft and pleasant, and its pure and harmonious shape, unburdens your silhouette while keeping discreet. In your hands or on your shoulder, the ELEMENT clutch-bags will follow you everywhere, and will know how to highlight, contrast or perfect your looks, from the simplest to the most eccentric. 

ELEMENT is more than a clutch-bag: it is a concept. It has been imagined for the different needs and styles of every woman.

We can find the ELEMENT clutch-bag in many forms: a double-zipper clutch-bag, an envelope clutch-bag, with a magnetic seal, or with a single zipper, in two sizes (26 x 16 cm, perfect for an 8” tablet, or 30 x 23 cm, holding a 10” tablet). Useful and practical, all clutch bags come with a pocket for credit cards. 

Available in a multitude of colours, the combinations seem endless!

Are you taking with you the bare essential? A simple clutch-bag with zipper, embellished by its silver strap for that little extra something, will be just the thing. 
Never without your 10” tablet? Choose a bigger clutch-bag, held in your hands, for a trendy look which will make you stand out!
Just looking for something to personalise your style? Mix and match forms and colours you love!

If you choose two clutch-bags of the same size, you will be able to combine them using just one of the shoulder straps – an important point, when you want to have all your little things, and accessorise your look as you desire! Feel free to associate different or complementary shapes, tone-on-tone colours or rather bet everything on contrasts.

In addition, a silver shoulder strap is available to open up the realm of possibilities a little bit further!

In fact, thanks to this strap with snap hook you can combine clutch-bags of different size, for more functionality and personal choice. 

Create, mix, follow your whims!


HOW? Endless possibilities!

How it works?

Combination example #1:

- Simple Clutch M 222-01 Black in Red.

- Clutch with flap AIR 222-03 Red.

- Shoulderstrap of the clutch with flap AIR 222-03 Red.

Combination example #2:

- Simple Clutch M 222-01 Skyblue.

- Double Clutch DUO 222-02 Dark Blue.

- Shoulderstrap of the Double Clutch  DUO 222-02 Dark Blue.

Combination example #3:

- Big simple Clutch L 222-05 Blueberry.

- Clutch with flap AIR 222-03 Fuxia.

- Chain silver 200-00.

See you soon in stores or in the "Element" section on our website and you're on your own!



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